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With the holiday shopping season behind us, we can breathe a sigh of relief.  Retailers are now running winter sales to make room for spring arrivals, which means this is the best time to shop for winter essentials.  We recommend shopping for pieces that you’ll still be able to wear over the next couple of months and will still remain in style next winter.  Key pieces to keep an eye out for are:





We’ve been eyeing the Banana Republic Turtleneck Sweater that we saw on Lauren Conrad in January’s Issue of Cosmopolitan (2014).  We had it in our LookMazing wishlist and just received an alert that not only is it on sale, but also we can apply a discount code to receive an extra 50% off!

Original Price: $89.50

Sale Price: $79.99

Final Price: $39.99 

 (Apply discount code: BRSALE50 to receive 50% off all women’s sale items)  Check out Banana Republic’s sale!

Other current deals we are loving:

Asos – Get 10% off with CODE: JAN10

Urban Outfitters – Take 10% off all purchases (full price and sale)! CODE: getfresh10

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Cyber Monday Deals are Here!



Cyber Monday Deals on LookMazing

For those of you who didn’t quite finish all your shopping over Black Friday, take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals (which are just as good as the Black Friday deals, if not better!)

LookMazing has all the top fashion & beauty Cyber Monday deals in one place.  When you shop via LookMazing, you earn extra rewards!

Check out our list of Cyber Monday Deals!

Holiday Shopping Made Easier on LookMazing

‘Tis the season to be shopping! With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for your loved ones. With countless sites, products, and deals, how do you choose what and where to buy from?

Get Rewarded for Shopping on LookMazingLookMazing offers a unique platform where you can both browse and search for fashion & beauty products from over 200+ top retailers all in one place!  Also, get rewarded with gift cards to any of those retailers when you make purchases.

Browse and Search for all things fashion and beauty on LookMazing

Browse  – The frustrating thing about the fashion images you see on Pinterest & Instagram is the difficulty in figuring out how to purchase the item(s) featured in them.  LookMazing has a community of fashion forward trendsetters, beauty experts, trendspotters, and brands helping you easily ‘Shop the look’  by connecting inspirational images and videos with products you can easily purchase.  As you browse, you can easily keep track of the items that you want by adding them to your LookMazing wishlist.

LookMazing Admire Trendsetters by StyleNew Feature
Members can now customize their main page to only display content from individuals that they are admiring! Easily stay up-to-date with your favorite bloggers, friends, and style icons in your personalized view. By setting your style preferences, we’ll tailor your view to include top trendsetters in those style categories.

Search – If you are searching for a particular type of product, LookMazing delivers you the top selection from over 200+ top, trusted retailers.  Simply narrow down results based on brand & price point and we’ll show you all the products matching those criteria.  Instead of navigating to individual sites to find the best deal, you can easily compare prices on LookMazing.  If the product is out-of-stock at one store, easily see which other stores are carrying it.

Find the best prices on fashion and beauty products on LookMazing

Easily compare prices from different shops to find the best deal. We discovered a site that sold the Rag & Bone Kendall Boot for much cheaper.

New Feature


Similar to a shopping mall, we’ve organized our list of retailers in a Directory View, enabling you to start shopping at a particular store. We’ve also added a Sale Filter to easily view only the items that are on sale (shop all the sales across different retailers).

Rewards – Once you are ready to purchase the items, LookMazing will direct you to the retailer’s site to complete the purchase.  Once the purchase is completed and processed, LookMazing will award you points (calculated as a percentage of the total purchase price).  You can then redeem these points for gift cards to any of our partner stores. 

We hope you will enjoy our newly improved features and can’t wait to hear your feedback.  There are more improvements coming out in the next couple of weeks.  If you are not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Join us here!


Go Back To School In Style With LookMazing Contest!

LookMazing Back To School

The excitement around going back to school is the feeling of having a “fresh” start, where you promise yourself that things will be better this year (better grades, better friends, etc.).  It’s also the same time for working professionals to start refreshing their wardrobes to prepare for the weather changes in the coming months.  We understand that the best way to put together a versatile wardrobe is to shop across numerous brands & retailers to find not only the best products, but also the best deal.  LookMazing’s wishlist feature enables you to do exactly that!  As you browse products from over 200+ retailers on LookMazing, you can easily save them all in one place – your LookMazing wishlist.  We’ll also notify you when those items go on sale!

You can take part in our ‘Go Back To School In Style’ contest simply by adding items valued at $50 or less to your LookMazing wishlist and we’ll randomly select a winner to item(s) ($50 value) from his or her wishlist.  Our contest enables you to win item(s) that you want!

Contest ends on August 28th, 2013 @ noon PST, so be sure to enter soon!  Details here.

Embed Shoppable LookMazing Looks on Your Blog

Our goal is to help bloggers monetize their content as efficiently as possible by enabling bloggers to embed shoppable photo and video looks created on LookMazing back on their blog (while maintaining the blog’s aesthetic). Below is an example of a shoppable video on LookMazing featuring Sasha from Style Worm that we have embedded back on this blog.  If you are interested in gaining access to this feature, message us for early access on LookMazing!

Behind the Blog: Style Worm

LookMazing sat down with Sasha from Style Worm to learn more about her and her blog. Check out behind-the-scenes clips from her LookMazing photoshoot and shop her interactive magazine feature here:


Asos Premium Blazer In Floral Print, Asos
Asos Premium Blazer In Floral Print
Asos Premium Pants In Floral Print, Asos
Asos Premium Pants In Floral Print
Asos Top With Iridescent  Sequins And Cutout V Back, Asos
Asos Top With Iridescent Sequins And Cutout V Back
Nasty Gal Shadow Stripe Skirt, Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal Shadow Stripe Skirt
Jessica Mcclintock Iridescent Faux Leather Minaudiere, Jessica Mcclintock
Jessica Mcclintock Iridescent Faux Leather Minaudiere
Jeffrey Campbell Don't Care Heel, Urban Outfitters
Jeffrey Campbell Don’t Care Heel

Expressions Nyc Hexagonal Box Clutch Pink/, Expressions Nyc

Expressions Nyc Hexagonal Box Clutch Pink

Alexis Bittar New Wave Kite Drop Necklace, 16, Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar New Wave Kite Drop Necklace, 16

Coach   Lucy  Strappy Heel W  Zip Back Black 8   B, Coach

Coach Lucy Strappy Heel W Zip Back Black 8 B

Asos Pac A Parka In Metallic Spot, Asos

Asos Pac A Parka In Metallic Spot

Asos Skater Skirt In Leather Look, Asos

Asos Skater Skirt In Leather Look

Glint Ruffle Minaudiere Aqua, Glint

Glint Ruffle Minaudiere Aqua

Leith Foil Muscle Sweatshirt, Leith

Leith Foil Muscle Sweatshirt
Tildon Sheer Organza Tank Grey- Micro, Tildon
Tildon Sheer Organza Tank Grey- Micro

Asos Shorts In Statement Fluro Jacquard, Asos

Asos Shorts In Statement Fluro Jacquard

Nasty Gal Reflected Clutch, Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Reflected Clutch

Kate Spade New York Crossbody - Mikas Pond Nico Mini, Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade New York Crossbody – Mikas Pond Nico Mini

Astr Sheer Tee Whtie/, Astr

Astr Sheer Tee White

Astr 'scuba' Mock Turtleneck Tank White, Astr

Astr ‘scuba’ Mock Turtleneck Tank White

Create Shoppable YouTube Videos on LookMazing

Connecting the Inspiration to the Purchase on the Video Front


Bloggers & Brands Can Create Shoppable Videos on LookMazing For Viewers to Easily Purchase Items Featured In Them

YouTube has become the go-to place for beauty & styling tutorials where individual personalities are gaining an enormous following. Sharing your latest purchases in the form of a ‘haul video’ is among one of the more popular forms of videos – there are around 700,000 haul videos on YouTube today.  Many of the larger names in the beauty vlogger (video blogger) world, such as Michelle Phan and Blair Fowler, had the first mover advantage and built successful brands and businesses around their YouTube fame.

Those who are now starting beauty or fashion blogging are having a harder time getting noticed among the sea of hopeful fashionistas and beauty gurus, all competing for the attention of viewers and brands.  LookMazing’s social platform is designed to help them build a following and partner with brands more easily.  Also, as brands start to embrace video marketing more, LookMazing will be a powerful tool for them to measure purchase conversion rates.

Fashion and beauty retailers have approached video bloggers to promote their products online because the voices behind these YouTube channels are often more relatable and compelling.  Many vloggers have maintained their authentic voice by choosing only to partner and promote brands they truly support.  Some vloggers will include product links in the description of their video to enable interested viewers to purchase them.

LookMazing’s new video feature makes it easier for content creators to connect the inspiration to the purchase by creating shoppable videos with LookMazing’s search engine (with products from over 200+ top retailers) & tagging tool to feature purchasable items below the video.  Since the embedded video links to their YouTube account, LookMazing drives additional views and subscribers to their channel.  Your member profile on LookMazing also serves as a portfolio that LookMazing utilizes to show retailers for potential collaborations.  LookMazing recently partnered with Macy’s and Madewell on blogger collaborations.

From a shopper’s perspective, LookMazing is the ideal social shopping destination to not only browse fashion and beauty photos, but also easily purchase items featured in them.  Our wishlist feature enables shoppers to easily save items they are interested in (and we’ll alert them if the items go on sale).

Both bloggers and shoppers also earn points on LookMazing that are redeemable for gift cards to any of our partner stores.  Find out more by joining here!